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All of the images on my site are available for purchase as h
igh quality prints on heavy weight, glossy paper. They are long lasting when stored under glass out of direct sunlight. The exact image you receive looks even better, in person, than the low resolution image presented on the site. It may vary slightly from the website version due to proportional changes incurred in the printing process.

All of my images are also available as high resolution digital files for use in publications, webpages, etc. Please Click Here to Request Quote.

I personally produce the prints of my photographs; they are not mass produced. I scan each negative and digitally adjust the output to achieve the exact artistic image which I envision. I hand sign each print individually.

The photos are packaged and shipped to insure that each will arrive at your destination in perfect condition. In this manner, you will be able to enjoy my work for years to come in your home or office, wherever you choose to display it. Again, thanks for visiting Susan A. Levine Photographic Art.

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