The graphs below display the fictious analysis data by parameter.  This data can be seen in tabular form on the Analysis Data page.  The red lines on some graphs depict maximum and minimum limits for the specific parameter.  While the graphs indicate "trends", trending is not inherent in the data.  In other words, each data point on a graph is independent of the other values plotted.  The graphs do, however, display how the Lithium Bromide solution has changed over time.

Accompanying an actual Lithium Bromide sample is a report discussing the various chemical parameters and how each impacts the absorber's performance.  To learn more about the specific chemical components relating to Lithium Bromide chemistry go to the ANALYSIS INTERPRETATION page.

Specific Gravity graph

Percent Lithium Bromide graph

Solution alkalinity graph

Suspended Solids graph

Dissolved Copper Graph

Lithium Nitrate Inhibitor graph

Lithium Chromate Inhibitor graph


Lithium Molybdate Inhibitor graph

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