Richard S. Levine offers an expert, independent appraisal of the chemical and/or metallurgical (corrosion) condition of your mechanical equipment. His opinions are based upon nearly 40 years experience (since 1971) dealing with thousands of Lithium Bromide based absorption systems throughout the world from different manufacturers. His unbiased opinions give you straight forward, useful information about your machinery which can help you evaluate and improve the operation and maintenance of your systems.

 CONSULTING FEES (in US dollars, effective January, 2010)

Analysis Interpretation of Lithium Bromide Any Model $100/sample
Analytical Data Presented Graphically Any Model $500/10 samples
Appraisal of Lithium Bromide Corrosion   Request Quote*
Chem-a-CoolTM Corrosion Protection for Absorbers Request Quote
Chemical Health, Safety & Disposal Reports  Request Quote
Cleaning Procedures for Absorber Interiors   Request Quote
Deposit , Tube Failure Interpretations     $500/deposit; $1000/failed tube
Inhibitor Adjustment for All Absorbers   Any Model $100/sample
Lithium Bromide Disposal Expertise Request Quote
Water Analysis Interpretation 
(Refrigerant, Chilled Water, Condenser Water, Steam Condensate, Boiler Water, Makeup Water, Tower Water, etc.)
Any Model $100/sample
Webinars on Absorption Chiller Chemistry   Request Quote
General Consulting Rate $300/hour minimum. Request quote*
Expert Legal Testimony $300/hour minimum. Request quote*

The above fees do not include laboratory analytical testing or adjustment chemical costs.

Note: When paying via Paypal, there will be an additional fee to cover Paypal service charges.
When paying via direct Bank wire transfer, there will be an additional Bank service charge.

Normally, I can provide consulting services from my office, and travel is not required.
Little is gained by my visiting the chiller for inspection since my opinions are, almost
entirely, based upon chemical and/or microscopic metallurgical analyses.
Should travel be required, all of my expenses are to be paid by the client.

* My General Consulting Rate and Expert Legal Testimony fees can exceed the
$300/hr minimum rate depending upon the nature of the project involved.

Have a simple, general question about Lithium Bromide and/or Absorption Chiller Corrosion Chemistry? For a nominal fee of $25.00 (US dollars), you can email LBD Associates a question and get your answer.

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